How To Choose The Best Popup Plugin For Your WordPress Site

Are you looking for the best popup plugin for your WordPress site? 

A good popup plugin helps you in converting website visitors into subscribers and paying customers without slowing down your site and inaccurate statistics.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the best popup plugin for your WordPress site that will increase conversions, convert audiences into leads, and boost sales.

Why Popup Plugin For Your WordPress Site?

A popup plugin is a go-to tool for bloggers and websites who want to use it as a lead magnet technique to get more subscribers, social followers, customers, and more. It acts as a solution for you to enhance user experience, user interaction, target audience, and personalize your website while ensuring maximum conversions.

Popup plugins also help you in analyzing the performance of your site. Many site users believe that it will increase the server load and slow down your website which affects the SEO ranking of the site. But, the reality is that a popup plugin offers as it helps in determining the analytics and performance metrics of your site while increasing the rate of conversion.

The main purpose of using popup plugins for WordPress sites is to help you capture leads, boost sales, and grow subscribers. You need to make sure that the popup plugin that you choose actually works with your WordPress hosting environment or not because a lot of plugins are poorly coded and many features may not work with them.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Popup Plugin?

Choose a popup plugin that has lots of features, looks professional, and lets you control when it’s activated. It should be easy to use, easily customizable, and offer a wide range of popup templates so that you can easily target the audience and integrate your email marketing service.

Popup Triggers For Easy Control 

Popup plugins will help bring your boldest pop-up ideas to life! It helps you in controlling how a popup will be displayed in the browser like- when to show popup, whom to show popup, when to close the popup, and activities. It requires at least one trigger in order to display the popup and may have different triggers at the same time. If it is implemented properly then it can bring in new customers and business as well as increase the conversation rate of the audiences.

Inbuilt Custom Templates

The best popup plugin not only brings more traffic but also saves your important time with the inbuilt custom templates. Thus, you can easily create elegant popups in a couple of minutes by selecting a template from the library. Use the drag-and-drop to create and customize popups like- add custom images, buttons, text, and more with no limits on your website. This feels like it was built just for your WordPress site.

A/B Split Testing

A/B testing allows you to test two versions of the popup. It allows you to split traffic on your website so your visitors will experience different popup content on version A and version B of a page. This helps you in analyzing and identifying the one that gives the highest conversion rate so that you can compare the stats and decide which one is the best fit for your site. Thus, you can easily increase conversion rates and learn more about your audience.

Statistics And Analytics

Popup plugins show the statistics and analytics of your website. It shows the statistics based on the user’s interaction like- amount of views, executed subscriptions, close actions, assigned likes, the total number of clicks, etc., and prepares a report on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Thus, you can easily make a decision based on the action to reach your goal.


Popup plugin helps you in creating elegant popups with subscription forms, contact forms, sliders, and more for your site. It’s the go-to tool for bloggers and websites to get more email subscribers, social followers, and customers.

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