WPAdSense Advertising Plugin For All Your Modern Business Needs

Do you want to incorporate an advertising plugin to your WordPress site?

WPAdSense is one of the simplest ways to start earning money from your website. It enables you to automatically sell and receive payment for ad space on your website.

In this article, we will show you how WPAdSense fulfils all your business needs as well as some best practices and tips to help you earn more money.

Automated Email Reports

You can view your app’s dashboard data directly in your inbox with automated email reports. You can schedule email reports to be sent to any email address you want at any time, so you can get an overview of your data without even opening the dashboard. Custom reports can be distributed via scheduled recurring emails or an individual client portal.


Geotargeting content can benefit any website that wishes to reach a global audience. The API is ideal for displaying relevant content based on location or redirecting users to the appropriate pages. WP Forms allows you to create an autocomplete address form and use autocomplete to help visitors find their location. The geo location map will automatically move to their location as they type.

Delivery Controls

Making sure your WordPress website sends emails that are delivered is critical for a variety of reasons.

In several cases, WordPress, the theme, and many of the plug-in you’ve installed on your website rely on email. Some of these examples are more obvious than others. Listed below are just a few examples:

  • Password reset emails for administrators and new user signup
  • Information about e-commerce stores’ most recent orders
  • Notifications of fresh communications and member updates on membership websites
  • Emails sent when visitors fill out the contact, support, and other forms on your website
  • Email newsletters (if you host the newsletter on your website)
  • Password emails (in case of email-based 2FA)

Frequency Controls

With just a few clicks, Frequency Control by WP Rocket enables you to control the WordPress heartbeat API’s frequency.

When you are signed into your WordPress admin panel, the WordPress Frequency API is a fantastic feature that enables real-time communication between the server and the browser. The file /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php is used to handle AJAX requests from the browser. On post edit pages by default, AJAX requests are sent every 15 seconds, while on the dashboard, they are sent every 60 seconds. With Frequency Control by WP Rocket, you can quickly decide whether to restrict or suspend all Heartbeat API activity. Rules for only certain places can also be added.

Ad Groups and A/B Testing

A/B Testing eliminates the need for an external tool by integrating a full suite of split testing features directly into the back end of your WordPress site. You can experiment with nearly every aspect of your site using heatmaps, conversion action tracking, and even title testing.

It simplifies A/B testing by placing everything you need in the backend of your WordPress site. As a result, because it is fully integrated, you won’t have to go looking for specific functions or figure out how to route data back to WordPress.

In-Stream Ads

The audience in stream ads is already captive and receptive to video material, so they will definitely view the ad even if they skip it. Using Ad pods, the frequency of ad breaks can be reduced, and multiple ads can be played simultaneously, resulting in less content abandonment and higher rates of ad viewing. Most advertisers prefer skippable ads because only interested viewers will watch the entire video ad without skipping. Increased return on investment.

Email Ads

Email Ads can produce incredible results in terms of lead generation. However, it works better when combined with useful tools that save you time and effort.

  • Connect your website to popular marketing services.
  • Create customizable subscription forms for your WordPress website to boost your email marketing campaigns in a variety of ways!

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