Pop-up Advertising Strategies To Engage Your Visitors

Do you want to engage your visitors with the internet marketing strategy?

You might consider using pop-up advertising to be effective for driving traffic to your website.

Pop-up ads appear in their own, small browser window or on top of the window for appealing to your website visitors and enhancing their experience.

In this article, we will learn the various strategies of pop-up ads to engage your website visitors and convert them into leads.

How Pop-Up Ads Works

It is believed that pop-up advertising is annoying, invasive and  distracting for the visitors but deep down we all know that pop-up ads have been shown to be effective for high click-through rates by the visitors. However, they’re often thought by users to be irritating, as they block the content the user wants to view and also use valuable bandwidth just to convert traffic into leads.

Pop-up ads offer value to the advertises and well-used pop-up ads that are relevant to the visitors provide values as well as engage them.

Show Your Ads To Everyone

Banner ads are frequently displayed on your website as it does in display advertising but pop-up ads have to be seen when visitors want to be close. That’s why pop-up ads have a 100% view rate. It easily delivers a message to the site visitors. A well implemented pop-up ads deliver a prompt exactly when your site visitors are most likely to click through. Visitors can’t ignore the message when a pop-up appears and they read your message or value proposition. Even if they close your ads, the message has still been communicated.

Remove Submission Form In Your Ads

The pop-up ads appearance is triggered by the visitor. The first innovative way to use pop-up ads is to hide the form on your landing page. If your pop-up ads consist of submission form then it delivers a lower conversion rate. Therefore, if your landing page has no visible form fields then your conversion rate will be even better.

Offer Discount With The Pop-Up Ads

When you visit any website a pop-up ad appears that offers discounts and offers in an entry. This kind of pop-up is not annoying for the visitors to see. If they are interested in buying something from this company and the ads show the available discount and offers then they are likely to get converted into a valuable lead. This type of pop-up ads seems to be effective because it delivers relevant value when the website visitor wants it.

Advertise Free Demo For The Visitors

When the visitors are at the pricing page of your website and then trying to leave then offering them an intent pop-up helps you in engaging them and turning them into leads. Not all of the traffic at your website comes to buy your services/products but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in learning more about you. Prompting them a “free demo” can help you in engaging them and converting them into leads.


Advertisements are a powerful way to help your visitors to navigate your site. In all formats of advertisement, pop-up ads work like a lead magnet by guaranteed viewing of your ads. Pop-up ads can be used everywhere whether in webinar for a limited-time promotion or to sell something from your website. 

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