How To Avoid Common Types Of Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a deliberate and malicious activity of manipulating advertising budgets of deceiving businesses and publishers.

Ad frauds are now very common among the advertiser as these parasites suck their advertising budget.

There is no universal advice for avoiding ad fraud but it can be prevented with the diligence of the advertiser.

In this article, we will discuss some of the methods that can help you in avoiding common types of this.

How Ad Fraud Affects Your Digital Advertising?

Financial loss is the main thing that ad frauds do to your digital advertising. While your advertisement doesn’t reach the potential customers and fraudsters show other ads in the place of your ads is the main reason for the frauds in digital advertising. Therefore, you are providing insufficient information that affects your marketing strategy and causes a major loss to your business. Many ad fraudsters disrupt your marketing operation and damage the overall business proceedings and this can be potentially destructive to your company.

Prefer Trusted Partners And Marketers

Instead of wasting money on distorted stats and warped campaigns, try to prefer trusted and professional digital marketers for your advertising campaign. They can help you in reaching to your potential customers that directly increase your sales. Whenever fraudsters try to hack or inflate your marketing campaign the advertiser with their diligence can stop bleeding ad spend and ensure that your budget isn’t wasted.

Monitor and Ban Specific IPs 

Monitoring and banning specific IPs that can make illegal attempts or frauds is always a good approach to avoid ad frauds. Use static IP addresses for your advertising as it assists you in generating accurate reporting. You can also use advanced technology tools that monitor and ban specific IPs, identify suspicious domains, IP addresses, and Cookie ID so that your ads remain secure from the fraudster.

Research On Networks And KPIs

Researching on some networks and KPIs are the benchmark that helps the advertiser to detect fake data and unknown sources try to access your ads settings. Therefore, before investing in your ad campaign, research a network whether it is open or private, and look for brand KPIs and benchmarks for your advertisements.

Adopt ads.txt Standard 

Adopting industry standards for your advertising campaign helps you in domain spoofing and ad injection-related frauds. Adopting the ads.txt standard in your advertising and app-ads.txt standard for mobile ads lower ad frauds like- ad injections. Many advertisers are adopting the ads.txt standard for their ads as it contains a list file of authorized ads from the publishers. Thus, adopting industry standards adds more transparency to the advertising campaign.

Use Anti-Fraud Tools To Avoid Frauds

Instead of relying on trusted partners and experts, you can use anti-fraud tools to focus more on your advertising than meeting with the various and complex ad-frauds. Today’s ad fraud tools are more effective and money-worthy to help in reaching potential customers and offer a great ROI. Add anti-fraud tools in your advertising campaign and stop all sophisticated forms of ad fraud.


Ad Fraud is the biggest black hole in digital advertising that is expanding its reach over the advertising ecosystems. Hopefully, these solutions can help you in avoiding common types of ad frauds. WPAdsense is an advertising plugin that helps you in placing your ads and keeps so advertising secure from the ad fraudster.

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