Digital Advertising Trends To Follow In 2021

Well, 2020 was a year of digital marketers and professionals who put their effort into growing their business through digital advertising.

In the coming new year, we will accept new challenges and great goals. In 2021, you will love the new placements of native ads and their integrations within the platform.

In this article, I will share some of the insight into the advertisement trends that we can follow this year.

Advertising Trends Of 2021

As technology continues to develop each year, it becomes important for the advertising agency, professionals, and business owners to understand the upcoming digital advertising trends. Understanding the latest trends of online digital advertising helps you to stay ahead of the competition and provide better ROI. Developing and implementing the latest trends into their current marketing strategy helps you to reach the audience and build relationships with them. 

In 2021, all large platforms are limiting access to data insights and forcing advertisers to rely only on the latest technology like- machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality in their advertising campaign.

Google Ads Will Continue Rising

In 2020, we all faced the COVID pandemic, and still, we are going through this phase. People are choosing to stay in their homes and access their smartphones and devices for shopping and other activities. This will boost PPC advertising trends as people will search for news, products, and services, and brands will choose to click on the results that will appear on the top of the results. Thus, PPC advertising and Google ads will continue to rise as digital markets and brands will try to rank high in order to reach the top.

Social Media Advertisement

We all know the level of engagement of the audiences with social sites. Social media advertisement is on the rise as people are spending their quality time while accessing social sites. Digital Advertising on social sites will continue to engage the audiences with its various interactive images and videos. Replying to the audience’s comments and showing your favor to the audience has boosted the social media advertisement. The increase of time spent and engagement of audiences on the social platform will attract advertisers in 2021.

OTT Platforms Advertisement

Believe it or not, this new year OTT platforms will attract the traffic of the audience and their fellowship will bring advertising agencies and professionals to invest in the advertisement on the OTT platform. OTT platforms like- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Apple Tv, etc. are perfect to build your brand reputation at a global level. Today, these OTT platforms are able to bring engagement as well as potential customers.

Push, Native, In-Page, and PopUp Advertisement

We are expecting intense competition in digital advertising this year. Targeting your valuable audience or customer with the web advertisement will play a vital role.  Push ads, in-page, and popup ads continue to be on the top list of engaging and attracting traffic of audiences. Test each format before placing your valuable ads and diverse your campaign structure to grow your impact and leads.


The main purpose of this article is to make you aware of the upcoming trend associated with digital advertisements. Keep following the latest trend to plan your advertisements so that it will make your advertising campaign more effective. Contact us today and inquire about your digital advertising campaign.

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