Rotate Your Ads With WPAdSense Intelligent Ad Rotation

Have you ever wondered to place different ads in the same place?

WPAdSense has made it possible to place different ads at the same place with intelligent Ad rotation.

Now, you can set time for the interval of your ads to rotate it successfully.

In this article, we will learn how intelligent Ad rotation works and the various features of our Ad rotation.

Intelligent Ad Rotation

WPAdSense has made it possible to add multiple active ads allowing you to add preferences that determine which ad in your ad group will show when you have multiple ads active. Ad Rotation will rotate your ads evenly across all auctions and also ensure a proper balance between testing your messaging and the performance of your account. It gives you complete control over your ads to test with each ad group while taking advantage of the new ad group and settings to manage your ad rotation.

Features Of WPAdSense Ad Rotation

Viewability And Viewability Timeout

Viewability plays an important aspect while placing your ads on any platform and website. With our ad rotation feature, the viewability of your ads will grow to a great extent. Now, you can use the timed rotate feature to rotate ads in and out of visibility. This allows you to share multiple ads in a single spot on the page. Whenever a user scrolls on the page and doesn’t go to the place where your ad is located this means that the ad is not visible to the user then the ad will stop rotating. You can use this feature with your existing ads by turning this feature on.

Position Your Ads

With the ad rotation feature, you can easily position your ads in the desired position. By adjusting the time duration of each ad, you can rotate the position of multiple ads so that every ad placed by you will get the time to be in the position.

Track Your Ads

WPAdSense with its advanced technology allows you to track the performance of your ads. Every time when your ads rotate and the number of times your ads have been and clicked by the user can be easily tracked. You can see the performance of your ads from the settings.

Auto Inactivity Timeout 

With this advanced feature, you can adjust your ads according to the activity of the users. Your ad will only rotate when the user is active on the current page and scrolling throughout the page and moving his cursor. When a user stops going through the page then your ad will stop rotating and when he again scrolls through pages then your ads will start moving.

Timely Rotation Of Ads 

With this feature, you can set the time duration of ads to rotate. Your ads will rotate according to the set time. This way all your ads will gain equal time to position and the viewability of the ads will be the same. Timely rotation of your ads helps you to maximize each ad spot and provide you an equal share of ads on the site.


I hope this article will help you in determining the importance of rotating ads. We at WPadSense are always keen on providing the best platform for the placement of your ads. This intelligent ad rotation feature will bring maximum placements on your site.

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