How Responsive Ads Are Ruling The Advertisement World

Do you want to create ads that can meet modern demand?

Whether your ad is optimized to display on devices of varying size?

A responsive ads format plugin optimizes your ads to be displayed on devices of various sizes.

In this blog post, we will learn about the responsive ads and its various formats that can help you in ruling the advertising world.

What Is Responsive Ad?

As we all know a responsive web design plays an important role in your website. Whenever we design our website we keep in mind that it should automatically optimize and fit for the different sized devices. Just like that each ad is resized itself along with the text and pictures to optimize the display of the devices and matches with the layout and elements on the page responds to the display size of the device.

Responsive Ads Formats

Slide-In Ads

Slide-in ad formats are used to place ads in any four corners of the screen. These are known as “pop-up” ads. You can adjust the motion of the slide-in Ads so that the users can give attention to your ads. gets the user’s attention. Basically, these ads are placed at the downright and down left side of the screen. Your ads look great when they slide on the screen of mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Dialog Ads

Dialog ads are the updated version of the slide-in ads. They are more stylish and responsive than the slide-in ads formats. These appear on the page of browsers and become a must seen ads that can create brand awareness among the users and help you in converting them into leads. Dialogue ads formats are designed in such a way that it perfectly fits on the screen of all types of devices and provides you high rates of conversion.

HTML 5 Ads

HTML5 ads format includes responsive design techniques in your ads to make your ad resize to look great on any screen size. It includes an index.html file and CSS, JavaScript and image files. You can also upload a zipped file that includes HTML5 source code to place your ads. These ad formats offer flexibility while designing ads that fit great on any size of the screen. 

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ad formats are similar to dialog ads. It is displayed before the page content is displayed. Whenever you browse on the internet and suddenly a full windows ads display is interstitial ad. Similar to that you can also design your ads to be placed on the full page of the screen. Interstitial ads are very responsive as it contains title, image, text cover, and buttons that fit perfectly on any size screen.

Bar Ads

Bar ads are responsive ad formats that can be placed across the top or bottom of a page. Its modern design allows you to target the audience easily. Bar ads are specially designed for mobile devices as it attracts more audience when displayed on the full screen of the devices.


I hope this blog will help you in determining the values of responsive ads. Responsive ads are the future and can take your advertising to the next level. WPAdsense provides you a platform for your ads. Our plugin integrates easily and matches with the responsive design of the browser. WPAdsense is designed with a new suite of responsive ad formats.

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