Page Peel Ads: Grab Attention With Attractive Corner Ads

page peel ads, have you ever encountered with the cool corner ads that expand when you put your cursor over it?

Unique peeling advertisements easily capture user’s attention and make them click on your ads.

This type of advertising pattern is known as “Page Peel Advertising” and is ruling over the online advertising market. 

In this article, we at WPAdSense will learn about page peel ads and later we will discuss why we should use it. 

What Are Page Peel Ads?

Page Peel Ads are the innovative method of online advertising in which your ads are placed at the top right-hand side of a web site. Whenever a user moves the cursor over it then the page peels open smoothly to reveal a larger ad with more details and a call to action.

Corner page peel ads easily grab the user’s attention and allow them to read your advertisement. These ads are the perfect way to get extra attention without having any ad restriction from the users.

How Does Page Peel Ads Work?

  • When a user visits your website and notices an animated image in the corner of the site like- offer, special discount, discount vouchers, etc. then these ads are easily noticed by the users.
  • These types of special ads make the users curious and they go to click on the image with their mouse. When a user places their cursor over the ad then peel ads expand to full size and brief your ad.
  • This full ad can be easily customized that you want your visitors to see. Place your information well so that it makes the users visit your site.

Why We Should Use Page Peel Ads?

Page peel ads make use of the corner of a website and make it more attractive.

Unlike pop-up ads, it doesn’t irritate and annoys the website visitors and easily allows them to visit your landing page.

Page peel ads are a great way to offer advertising space on your site. It also allows you to host affiliate programs, and other services to increase your ROI.

Its new ad format creates interest among the user and increases the number of views and increases the click-through rates of your ads.

The page peel ad uses the “Ad Rotation” feature and allows you to rotate multiple ads on your site.

It can be easily installed on the multiple domains to bring the maximum profit for your ads.


Web-users easily get annoyed when they see pop-up ads, fly-in ads, and pop-unders. They either close these types of ads or don’t respond to them. Page peels ads are now being considered as a great marketing tool and are being used as an alternative to other ad formats. Page peel ads easily attract user’s attention and increase sales.

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