What Are Video Banner Ads? Why It Is Important For Your Ads

The topic of video banner ads is dreaded by many and loved by few as many advertisers don’t even use it.

Today, video banners ads are the new trend of an advertisement on the website.

Whenever you browse a web page or read an article then suddenly a wild in-banner video ad appears on the web page to target your users as well as engage them.

I think, now you are interested. Let’s continue to watch the whole thing about the banner ad, types and its importance.

What Are Video Banner Ads?

Video banner ads are immediate and effective advertising methods that contain a well-executed and customized video and rich-media for a perfect call to action. When users visit the website they will see a video preview that plays (without audio) in the banner ads. These types of ads are known as video banner ads. Video banner ads easily engage users and create a standard of your brand.

Types Of Video Banner Ads

1. In-stream Video Banner Ads

In-stream video ads are ads format is mostly used by the publisher to monetize the audiences because it appears intrusive and the ads are short and sweet. In-stream video banner ads can be played before, during, or after streaming video content. These types of banner ads easily engage audiences as they cannot be stopped from playing or skipped without user engagement. The major benefit of using in-stream video banner ads is that it doesn’t remove the primary focus of your web page and easily engages the audiences.

2. Out-stream Video Banner Ads

Out-stream video ads are generally placed in between the articles, social or product feeds or inserted on the web pages. Out-stream video ads are automatically played without sound when ads are at least 50% visible to the users. However, if a user doesn’t interact with the ads keep scrolling then it automatically stops playing. These banner ads are independent of other video content on the sites and require a video player from the hosting platform to function.

3. In-Banner Video Ads

In-banner video ads are ads that contain videos. These types of ads appear as a static image and it only plays the video whenever a user clicks on it. In-banners ads can be easily expanded into large sizes. It uses the standard size of banner ads that is usually 300 x 250 pixels to deliver a better video experience as compared to another static or rich media format. It uses data feeds or displays ad inventory on the web page to deliver video ads.

Why Video Banner Ads Are Important

In digital advertising, video banner ads are growing rapidly and are becoming a trend among the advertiser to engage their audiences.  within digital advertising. In the US digital video advertising is expected to an overall increase of $15 billion by 2022. while in Europe video advertisement has seen a growth of 3X faster than non-video advertisement. Video advertisement adds richness to your digital ads and users easily engage with the video ads when compared with static ads.

Looking at these statistics, video banners ads seems to be the perfect tool to engage your audiences by delivering your ads. When your ads are delivered to the users at the right time then it brings better completion rates.


Today, video banner ads are the most trending advertising campaigns these days as it is cost-effective and brings maximum traffic from your ads. Use the right type of video banner ads by Analyzing your target audience so that you can easily target them.

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