Ads Monetization Trends To Follow In 2020

Ads monetization in today’s competitive market using different techniques is a way to increase your revenue.

Do you want to add more revenue to your business from your online ads?

Following the latest trends to monetize your online ads helps you to get success in the future.

In this article, we at WPAdSense will cover the latest monetization trends for 2020 for your online ads business that will help you shortly to boost the revenue.

Native Advertising

Placing your online ads at the front page of the website and mobile apps generate more revenue from your digital ads and that’s native advertising is all about. It allows your online ads to get more user engagement as well as increases the visibility of your ads. Native ads are the best way to convert traffic into leads. 

Native advertising is a way to bring maximum attention to the audience from your online ads without ruining the experience of your audience. Adopting native advertising monetizing techniques for your online ads never goes out of style as it easily matches with the website design.

In-App And Web Ads Monetization

Modern advertisers are using this technique to place their ads inside web pages and mobile apps. Today, 60% of the website traffic is from the mobile and increasing day-by-day. With the introduction of PWA, now users can easily browse web apps on their smartphones. This helps the advertiser to place their ads in apps and web pages.

With the advancement in the technology and development of web and mobile apps, advertisers are interested in placing their ads in the web apps and mobile apps. The statistics have proved the growth of more revenue by placing online ads as well. Advertisers are monetizing users and getting paid for displaying ads to your users.

In-Streaming Video Ads

Similar to TV ads monetization, in-streaming video ads are the best in grabbing the attention of the users when users are watching something online. The popularity of in-stream video ads is increasing rapidly because it easily reaches the targeted audience and promotes your brand.

Video sites like- YouTube uses in-streaming video ads to engage the audience. It depends on the advertiser to make their ads skippable after a few seconds or make it mandatory to run their full ad video. This makes it a popular trend to increase brand awareness and generate revenue.

Reward Video Ads Monetization

We all have encountered ads that provide extra life or coins while playing games. All we have to do is watch the video ad for a limited time of 30sec or 15sec. This type of ad format is the most trending format to engage your target audience and convert them into leads. 

This type of ad format doesn’t affect the gaming experience of the users as users can avoid these ads entirely if they have no interest in accepting rewards. Thus reward video ads are considered as the best way to generate maximum revenue from your digital ads.

Demo Playable Ads

This is the most advanced and mostly used advertisement technique for showing a short demo of your software or games. Demo playable ads are a better way to show off the qualities, graphics, and experience of the game to the users. 

Playable ads allow users to test the software and play the games without installing them on their devices. This attracts the audience more and that’s why it has become an increasingly popular choice for advertisers.


I hope following these latest trends of showcasing your online ads will help you in growing your audiences. These trends are becoming the major source of engagement of the user. WPAdsense plugin helps you in creating online ads for your WordPress site.

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