5 Ways To Increase Your Online Advertisement Engagement

Online advertisement has changed over the years but still plays an important role in the acquisition of the customer.

Mobile-ready websites and online ads for contextual marketing have enhanced the shopping experience of the audiences.

Online advertising is a perfect marketing strategy that helps you in making a good impression with the existing and new customers.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 ways that can help you in increasing the engagement of your audience through your ads.

1. Online Advertisement For Relevant Audience

While creating your online ads, always remember that it should be relevant to your audience. If you are selling seasonal items then create ads according to the time so that it brings maximum engagement for you. Taking account of weather and season time can make your ads more relevant for the audiences.

Audiences also expect your online ads to be more personal and relevant to their needs. Personalizing your online ads for the audiences not only attracts the user’s attention but also brings traffic to your site.

2. Add Interactivity To Your Online Advertisement

In this age of digital marketing, everyone is trying their best to make their online advertisement more interactive and engaging so that the audience can easily engage with it. Make your audience entertain so that they can show interest in it.

Incorporating interactivity like- quizzes, puzzles, games, etc. to your online advertising can increase the engagement of the audience to a large extent. Interactive online ads can increase the engagement rate by 2X as compared to simple online ads.

3. Engage Audience Through Multiple Ways

Online ads provide a great opportunity to engage your audience. Provide more than one link on your landing page so that you can engage your audience in multiple ways. Provide an interactive discount or provide them coupons on their first purchase. This will help you in converting them into a paying customer.

Always place a follow-up link in your online ads so that users can sign up for your newsletter and follow you on social media. Using these tricks in your online ads you can increase the brand reputation of your company and make your brand popular.

4. Target Your Audience Through Native Ads

Native ads easily target your audience. Whenever a user searches a query on Google or any search engine, native ads show on the top of the search result as related ads. Native ads are capable of bringing more engagement than the banner ads as the user directly engages with the ad.

A native ad easily engages with the audience and provides a clear purpose for your advertisement. The way native ads make interaction with the user and provide a clear vision to your online ad is far better than the banner ad.

5. Analyze User’s Data To Place Your Ads

It is very important to analyze the user’s data. This will help you in determining how they interact with your ads, engagement level of the audiences, and how your ads are performing on the different platforms. Determining these parameters helps you in placing your ads where the engagement is more.

The performance of your ads always matters in bringing engagement to your audience. So target your audience according to the niche and type of service you are providing. Place your ads on the platform where they are most active is a way to bring engagement through your ads.


There are many ways through which you can increase engagement. From personalized ads to analyzing user’s data for placing your ads, you can increase engagement to a great extent. We at WPAdSense helps you in placing ads to your site easily.

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