Why Advertising Plugins Are The Best Solution For Small Businesses?

WordPress plug-in can save the lives of small businesses. A small business can use WordPress plug-in to help manage customer service, web design, and social media. Many WordPress websites rely heavily on advertisements to generate revenue online. WordPress does not include an easy way to manage your ads by default.

Most WordPress themes lack dedicated ad spaces. As a result, inserting ad code into your website frequently necessitates editing theme files. You can easily insert ads on your website using a WordPress ad management plug-in. This allows you to optimize ad placement and make the most of your advertising space.

That said; let’s look at some of the best ad management WordPress plugins and how they can help you increase your earnings.

Ad Sanity

Ad Sanity is a WordPress ad management plugin for beginners. You can easily insert ads anywhere on your website by using widgets and an ad inserter button in the visual editor.

It supports both hosted ads (banner ads that you manage and sell directly) and external ad networks such as Google Ad sense. It also includes powerful features such as ad scheduling, ad groups, inserting a single ad or ad group, and tracking views and statistics.

You can add as many ads as you want by using custom widgets, short codes, or the button in the post editor. You can also insert ad blocks into specific posts in WordPress. You can improve ad performance without having to edit your WordPress theme files. 

Ad Rotate

Ad Rotate is yet another powerful WordPress ad management plug-in that is suitable for both novice and advanced users. It accepts hosted ads with rotating banner ads as well as network ads. It makes it simple to create ads and ad groups and insert them into WordPress posts using short codes. Custom widgets can also be used to insert advertisements into sidebars.

Ad Rotate provides basic statistics for tracking ad impressions, which is especially useful if you are directly selling advertisements on your website.

It is a free plug-in that works well for most small blogs and websites. If you want to use advanced features like scheduling, geo-targeting, Ad block disguise, mobile ads, media and asset management, and more, you’ll need to upgrade to their pro version.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a web-based platform for selling and serving ads to publishers. It combines the best of Google’s previous advertising products, Double-click and Ad Exchange, giving it a competitive advantage in terms of dependability and cost effectiveness over other platforms.

Google Ad Manager works best for larger websites. It allows Google Ad Sense and other advertising networks to compete on price, and it automatically selects the best paying ad to display on your website. Google Ad Manager also includes excellent reporting tools that allow you to more accurately measure ad performance than other solutions. Despite its effectiveness, it is a little difficult to get started with.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a WordPress ad management plug-in that comes in both free and premium versions. The free version is adequate for use as your primary ad management tool; however, for advanced features, you should upgrade to their paid version.

It allows you to create multiple ad blocks and specify how each block should be automatically inserted. You can, for example, place the ad block inside your post content, before and after the post content, between posts, before or after the post excerpt, and so on.

You can also disable automatic ad insertion in posts and pages, as well as the home, categories, and archive pages. Ad Inserter is simple to use and works with both hosted and third-party ad networks.

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