Monetize Your Game With In-Game Ads For Maximum Revenue

Do you want to monetize your game with in-game ads?

Monetizing your games with advertising drives maximum revenue, boosts user engagement, and improves retention.

WPAdsense advertising plugin allows in-game advertising to the game developers with a wide range of ad units that fit right into your game.

In this article, you will learn how WPAdsense advertising plugin helps you in monetizing your game with in-game advertising.

Monetize With In-Game Advertising

In-game advertising is a monetization strategy that game developers use to boost their game’s revenue. They get paid when users watch different ads while playing their games. This is the most common type of monetization strategy among the developers. The ads that perform best and deliver the highest engagement are the ones which are integrated directly into the game to grow the revenue.

There are many different types of mobile game advertising strategies and ad formats that developers can integrate into their games. An advertising plugin helps you in placing different types of advertising into your games such as rewarded video ads, offerwall ads, and interstitial ads. This brings maximum engagement and growth in revenue.

Benefits Of In-Game Advertising

Boost Engagement And Retention

Advertising is the best way to boost engagement and retention of the learners. You can use several ads types as a retention tool to encourage users to come back to your game by giving them rewards, coins, extra life, power, etc. for engaging with ads. This way you can engage the users for a longer duration of time. Thus, they don’t need to spend any amount to continue playing while you can generate revenue when they engage with the ads.

Increase In-App Purchase

Advertising work as a part of your in-game economy. When the ads in the game are placed with the right strategy then it can boost the in-app purchases. Don’t leave monetization for the end while designing your games or placing the ads. Incorporate your ad units into game loop to improve the engagement and drive the maximum revenue possible. You can use rewarded video ads, give users a taste of additional features of the game you offer and show them the value in game. This increases the chances that gamers will end up paying rather than engaging with the rewarded video.

Generate More Advertising Revenue

It is well known that most of the users disengage with the games when they require an in-game purchase. Targeting such users with the advertisement is the way to keep them engaged while generating revenue with the ads. Games with great ad placements can generate a huge amount of money. Therefore, advertising is a great monetization strategy developers can use in addition to in-app purchases. 

Enhance The User-Experience

Ad units that are incorporated into your game loop create the best experience for your users. For example, you can offer users free rewards like coins in exchange for watching or interacting with ads at specific points in the game. In fact, 71% of gamers said watching video ads is their preferred way to ‘pay’ for in-game content.


There are several types of ad units for games and considering which ad units fit your game best is the best way to monetize your game. WPAdsense easily adapts to the game and users to show them relevant ads while playing games. If you are looking to monetize your game with ads then WPAdsense plugin will be the best you can look for.

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