Mobile Advertising: The Next Generation Of Digital Advertisement

The popularity of mobile advertising has been more massive than ever before.

Around 60% of web traffic is generated from smartphones as users are using their smartphones to search and access the content.

Mobile advertisement is a type of digital ads that are displayed on the web pages and apps of a mobile device.

In this article, we will discuss why mobile advertising is considered as the next generation of digital advertisement.

Mobile Advertising And Its Increasing Popularity

In recent years, inventions and new technology in mobile devices have been greatly influenced and even people are more attracted to mobile devices. With the increasing rate of adapting mobile devices, it seems that nobody can stop it. Social sites are the most accessed content on the smartphones and research shows that a user spent 30% of their time on social media sites.

Today, almost everything like- mobile learning, shopping, searching, etc. is done through mobile devices. Consequently, marketers are seeing tremendous growth in the marketing and advertisement of products. It seems that mobile advertising has established its presence and reached the point where popularity has been more massive than ever before.

Types of Mobile Advertising

Banner Ads 

Mobile banner ads are the most popular ad format that is typically displayed on the top or bottom of the screen. It may be static or animated featuring relevant text and graphics to promote brands or products. These ads are refreshed automatically after a certain period of time to generate brand awareness.

Native Ads

These are the most common types of mobile ads that are used to promote the products and services of a company. These ads easily integrate with the other publications and the company’s app to make their appearance on the screen. These ads generate high CTR and conversions and attract more customers than ordinary ads.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are used to display advertising across the entire screen, usually while loading your web page or app or after closing. Interstitial ads with their creative features, design, and compelling call-to-actions generate a high-level engagement and convert them into leads. 

Video Ads

Video ads are now the most used advertising format to generate high engagement of the audiences. Video ads automatically play when a user scrolls down to their feed. You can easily engage the audience with the design and sound of the videos.

Benefits Of Mobile Advertising


With the growing use of mobile and smartphones, People are accessing content over the web and apps everywhere and at any time of the day. So, it’s become important to deliver your campaign directly to your consumers and reach out to them on their cell phones. This ensures that your ads are delivered and accessed easily by the users.

Personalized Advertising

Using the analytics of their browsing data and interest, mobile advertising can be personalized according to the preference of the user. You can easily target the audience on the social media platform through personalized advertising. This way personalized advertisements easily engage the audience and convert them into leads.

Geo-Targeting Advertising 

Mobile advertising is the best way to target your audience. Based on their browsing history and preference, you can easily target them with your advertisement. Targeting audiences on mobile devices as well as on the web in a specific geographical location make your advertising campaign successful.

Reduce Cost Of Advertising

Mobile advertising costs less than your budget as designing mobile ads is very cheap. Instead of advertising on TV and other platforms, mobile ads are the most cost-efficient ways to reach your target customers.


Mobile advertising is the next generation of digital advertisement and due to its increasing popularity, you can easily target your audience. If you’re on a tight budget and wish to try out digital advertising for your WordPress site and mobile apps then we at WPAdSense can help you in fulfilling all your needs.

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