Maximize Ad Spend In A Multi-Platform World With Advertising Plugin

Many blogs and popular websites rely on advertising as their primary source of revenue.

This could include Google AdSense alternatives, Affiliate Ads, or Direct Ad sales. 

One issue that many people face is that advertising is a difficult to maintain and manage monetization strategy. 

For many, tinkering with AdSense code and WordPress themes can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the five best WordPress advertising plug-in for increasing blog revenue by providing an all-around better Ad management solution.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a great place to start if you’re looking for a solid and well-developed WordPress advertising plug-in. This is most likely one of the best-maintained plug-in in the repository, and the developer, Igor, is very active in the support forums.

This plug-in has the advantage of allowing you to insert ads at any point in your post. You can do it before/after the post content, or even a percentage of the way down (or the number of paragraphs). If you want an ad after the free three paragraphs, this will suffice. There are no short codes to mess with because everything is set up automatically. It is also very simple to exclude specific pages and posts if you do not want an ad to appear.

Ad Rotate

When it comes to choosing a WordPress advertising plug-in, Ad Rotate is one of the oldest and most popular options. Ad Rotate is a handy advertising manager plug-in that has pretty much everything. You can edit your ad display right from your dashboard thanks to easy management. You can quickly add, configure, delete, and preview multiple banners. Ads can be configured to appear only to visitors accessing your site from a specific location.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a straightforward ad manager created by a publisher for publishers. Based on the developer’s experience delivering millions of ads per month, he designed this advertising plugin to be a powerful but lightweight solution for not only managing and inserting banners in WordPress, but also testing and optimizing them.

This plug-in has been available for quite some time, and the developer is very active in the support forums. This plug-in, like the others mentioned above, has a free version and then premium add-ons. The plug-in supports all formats, including ad rotation, ad injection, and ad widgets.

Ads Pro Plugin

The Ads Pro plugin is a Codecanyon premium plug-in that allows you to manage, sell, and display advertising space. If you are familiar with the BuySellAds marketplace, you can set up your own BSA on your site and avoid using a third party.

The plug-in includes a template and grid system for displaying ads that are truly relevant and user-friendly on your site.

WP Insert

WordPress advertising plug-in that lets you manage your ads and is optimized for Google AdSense is the WP-Insert plug-in. It was created by the SmartLogix Technologies team.


As you can see, there are numerous excellent solutions for making advertisement management in WordPress easier. In fact, many of the plug-in listed above are completely free. You can also add premium features like Google AMP support and geo-targeting to them.

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