How To Setup Your HTML5 Ads Using WPAdSense

With an increase in the number of devices and platforms, adapting to the behavior of viewers is very important.

If your static ad is unable to adapt to the changes in the screen size and doesn’t work on mobile, then it’s time to choose HTML5 ads.

HTML5 Ads adapts to the screen sizes easily and are more engaging and interactive than static ads.

HTML5 ads offer flexibility in displaying your advertising by adapting to the technologies that you need to promote your brand.

Today, we at WPAdSense will discuss what are HTML5 ads, various aspects and how you can set up HTML ads using the WPAdSense plugin.

What Are HTML5 Ads?

HTML is the Hypertext Markup Language and HTML5 is the latest version that is being used in web development and the contents of pages. Now with the help of HTML5 you can also create your ads.

With HTML5, you can easily insert texts, images, GIFs, and videos in your ads in the same way as you do on the web pages. It makes your ads dynamic as it looks perfect everywhere on the website. HTML5 ads are well optimized and it easily adapts according to the screen size of the devices with no loss in the functionality.

HTML5 ads provide an opportunity for publishers and advertisers to create adaptable ad campaigns and provide flexibility in running ads across all devices and platforms. Thus, with the HTML5 ads, you can reach a wider audience easily.

Why We Should Use HTML5 Ads

Everyone is desperate about how to gain the attention of the audience through their ads but unfortunately they are not gaining success.

This new generation audience uses multiple devices and keeps on using desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile, etc. according to their use. So it’s become important to have an optimized platform for your ads. HTML5 ads allow you to create responsive ads that are ready to optimize according to the devices.

Running an ad campaign across different devices was hard work because you have to create ads manually for the different screens for proper optimization. With HTML5, you don’t have to create different ads for the different screen sizes as it is the optimal way to make your ads responsive and optimized for the various screen sizes. It offers a range of ad formats and unparalleled design opportunities along with the rich media.

How To Setup HTML5 Ads In WPAdSense

While creating HTML5 responsive ads, you have to follow some rules for the best practices. WPAdSense plugin makes it easy for you to place your HTML5 ads on your WordPress website. After creating your ad, you have to simply convert your ad file into a .zip file.

  • Click on “Create Ad” from the menu.
  • Select the HTML5 tab from the edit screen option. 
  • Insert the name of your advertisement.
  • Now, select the file which contains your ad i.e. .zip file.
  • Click on the “Upload Now” to upload your file.
  • Click on “Publish” to showcase your ad. 

Benefits Of HTML5 Ads

As the name suggests, HTML ads are very responsive and quickly adapt to various sizes and formats.

HTML5 provides great responsiveness to your ads and control over the design.    

It allows you to create various variants of ads on a single web page or landing page.

HTML5 ads have increased the growth of video ads due to their fast play speed along with the loading of the web page.

HTML5 ads are easy to modify and change and you can easily update it in just a few steps. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this article has helped you in realizing that ads are the best for your digital advertising. There is no better option than ads which offers you this much flexibility, viewability across the different screen sizes and platforms. We at WPAdSense have made it simpler to place your ads in your WordPress site.

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