How To Sell Advertisement Space On Your WordPress Site

Do you want to generate revenue from your website?

Placing ads on your WordPress website is a great way to generate revenue from your website.

Selling ad space on your WordPress site attracts advertisers and provides you maximum profit.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways to sell ad space on your website.

Sell Your Ad Space

If you own a WordPress site then you can easily generate revenue by placing different types of ads on your site. Placing random ads from the publishers provides a lot more to monetize your website. Whenever a user purchases the products and services by clicking on the ads from your site then you are being paid a commission for each click, view, and sale of the product or services.

Register With Various Ad Service Tools

Registering your WordPress site with the various advertising tools like- Google Adsense automatically places the various ads related to your niche. It removes the burden of finding businesses that want to display ads on your website. These ad tools use special algorithms to automate the placement of ads based on the type of content you publish and display the ads on your site. Advertisers who want to display their ads on your website bid for the available ad space and every time a user sees or clicks on the ads, you are paid with commission.

Influence Advertisers To Publish Their Ads

If you own an industry-specific website that has a lot of traffic then you influence advertisers from your niche to buy advertisement space on your site. Influence advertisers by showing them the potential customers, average time on your WordPress site, pageview stats, looks, bounce rate, and many more attributes about your site to attract the potential advertisers. Track the number of outbound links on a regular basis and share that with possible advertisers to generate more interest among the advertisers.

Experiment With Different Types Of Ads

Finding the right type of advertisement for your site that offers you high revenue is a difficult task. Trying to experiment with the different types of ads that fit the advertisers will only help you in placing the best advertisement on your site. Banner Ads are more engaging and offer more traffic to the advertiser site while PopUp ads are the most viewed ads but are also annoying to the WordPress site visitors when the ads are not relevant. Thus, placing the right ads according to the advertiser will help you in generating more revenue.

Sell And Place Your Ads With WPAdSense

If you aren’t sure about the type of ads that will best be suited for your site then you can use the WPAdSense advance advertising plugin to automate the process of placement of the advertisement. It helps you in placing the right advertisement within the site content, in the whitespace, and in the navigational menu. WPAdSense seamlessly connects your WordPress site with Google Analytics and allows you to manage your ads right from the WordPress dashboard.


I hope the above discussed effective ways will help you in selling advertising space for your website easily. If you are planning to generate more revenue by placing different types of ads on your site then WPAdSense is the right plugin to integrate with your site for placing online ads.

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