How To Place Ads Without Coding In Your WordPress Site

Can you imagine an advertisement on your site without coding even a single line?

Placing ads on your WordPress site is a way to generate revenue from your site.

Just like other site builders, WPAdsense is an advertising plugin that works great for placing ads on your WordPress site. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can place ads on your WordPress site without coding a single line.

Place Ads Without Coding In Your WordPress Site

We often advertisers and website owners keep juggling and looking for monetizing their site. There are a number of ways you can make money from your website from creating and selling ebooks or plugins. But these take a lot of time and active promotional energy. You can either manually insert the AdSense code into WordPress or you can use a plugin to place your ads on your website. 

Monetizing your website with the advertisement helps you in bringing more projects while boosting your revenue stream. Monetizing your website with advertisements sounds like passive income generation. It never slows down your payoffs and helps you in generating revenue throughout the year.

WPAdsense Plugin

WPAdsense advertising plugin works great for serving ads to your website without any coding. Simply install the plugin into your without code HTML header and then drop Advertisement tags (special <div> tags) anywhere that you want ads to appear on your site. Once you’ve done that, you have the power to target ads to certain pages or locations on the page like- header, footer, etc. This will help you in scheduling your ads, track the performance of your ads, clicks, etc.

Google Adsense

If you don’t want to add another WordPress plugin to your site then you can use Google Adsense for the placement of ads to generate revenue. Integrating your website with the Adsense helps you in generating advertisement code that you can use to place your ads within the WordPress site. Implementing Google Adsense is easy but it limits the amount of control you have over ads. Thus, it redirects to you out of your WordPress site whenever you try to track the performance, clicks, and impression of your advertisement. 

Place Ads Without Code

If you have an advertisement code provided by the advertiser then you easily place ads without a predefined ad code on your website. Just by adding simple HTML code into a text widget. Adding the HTML or JavaScript code of the advertisement to the text widget of your site displays the right ads against the code added to your website. This way you can also place ads without coding on your website. 


Advertisement is the major source to generate revenue from your  WordPress site. Integrating your website with a smart advertising plugin reduces your load and increases ROI. WPAdsense advertising plugin is easy to set up, manage, serve and track without code ads. 

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