How To Generate Leads From Your Advertising Campaign

Are you wasting thousands of dollars on your advertising campaign?

Advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can generate a substantial number of leads. 

You’re rocking if your advertising campaign is bringing more conversion rates and the cost per lead is great.

In this article, we at WPAdsense will learn the various strategies that you can use to generate leads from your advertising or PPC campaigns. 

Let’s dive in.

How To Generate More Leads

The problem with many advertisers is that they couldn’t get proper traffic and are unable to generate more leads from their advertising campaign. When you will start analyzing your results and dig a little deeper, you will realize that this happens due to bot traffic and an overwhelming majority of the junk leads. Very few advertisers are turning their advertising campaigns into opportunities to bring more leads. Let’s see the various factors that can easily describe the process of generating more leads from your advertising campaign.

Set Up Proper URL Tracking

Setting up URL tracking in your online advertising helps you in determining your audiences, from where the lead came, keywords they searched, and the device they are using. Just like Google Ads “Campaign URL” allows you to track the performance of your advertising campaign using the ads URL. This helps you in measuring the effectiveness of your advertising and make sure that you are able to track other important elements besides conversions.

Determine The Opportunities

Once you have the tracking parameters of the audiences, you need to capture them on your landing pages along with the other details to determine their needs and what they want from you. Analyze and determine the data of the audience to convert them into successful leads. This will help you in determining every aspect of your audience and how to convert them into leads.

Use Relevant Keywords

Using the right keyword for your business is the only way to generate traffic and convert them into leads. Keywords play an important role in driving sales, that’s why you need to go wide and deep to identify the best ones for your business. Identifying the most focused and relevant keywords from the previous advertising campaigns that are converted traffic into leads.

Tailor Your Landing Page

Tailoring your landing pages according to the need of your advertising campaign help you in converting traffic into leads. Landing pages helps you in overcoming the challenges of your advertising campaign. Once a visitor gets to one of your landing pages, it means that you have already paid for the click to the advertiser. Therefore, create an effort in designing a well eye-catching landing page that meets the needs of your advertising campaign. Focus on maximizing the conversion rates by optimizing your landing pages.

Create Ad Schedule Based On Performance

After analyzing and tracking the performance of your advertising campaign, if you are running your ads 24/7 then take a break and set up an ad scheduling for your advertising campaigns. You can add days of the week or break your schedule down by adding hourly segments. Once you schedule your ads, you’ll be able to determine which devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) are driving opportunities and converting traffic into leads. Based on the performance, schedule your ad campaign by combining the overall data.


Many advertisers struggle at generating opportunities, following these advertising campaign methods can help you in driving a positive ROI from your advertising campaigns. We at WPAdsense make your advertising campaign more optimized and effective for generating high-quality leads and conversions. 

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