5 Ways Digital Ads Increases Your Revenue

Do you want to increase your revenue through digital ads?

Digital advertisement is a targeted, data-driven strategy to promote your product and service to the audience.

In this article, we will discuss the five ways that will help you in increasing your revenue through your digital ads.  

A/B testing

A/B testing plays an important role in increasing the revenue from your digital ads. It allows you to evaluate your conversion funnel and various marketing campaigns whether it is performing well or not. It gives you the correct information about different ad placements and rotating ad groups. It analyzes the customer’s behavior and tracks the performance of your digital ads. Thus, A/B testing helps you in placing the best performing ads and their positions to attract more traffic, engage more audiences, and for maximum conversions.

Choose Random Paragraphs

Placing your ads between the paragraphs is a tough task. Using a plugin for the random paragraph selection may be good or maybe not. It can probably be done with good settings because inserting the same amount of ads on an article that is 600 words and on an article that is 3000 words long with random ad insertion is different. Random ad insertion will place one ad instantly after the other if you have many of them and this will look very spammy. So place your ads at an interval of least 3 paragraphs if your content is long. If you have a shorter content then you can use plugins to place your ads randomly.

Monetize ad-block users

We all know that monetizing users is the best way to increase your revenue. Encourage them to purchase ad-blockers so that they can use the website without being interrupted. Using an ad-blocker, you can easily show them content that cannot be blocked. Use WPAdSense plugins for your WordPress site to target ad blocker users with permission-enabled non-intrusive ads. This will help you in generating more revenue and will offer higher spend and value uninterrupted online browsing to the users.

Ads.Txt File

Developed by IAB Tech Lab, ads.txt file helps you in combating ad frauds and provides transparency in the digital ads. These files are easily managed in your WordPress backend by the WPAdSense plugin and make your entries easily integrated with other plugins and Google  AdSense. Placing ads.txt files in your online advertising helps the fraudsters from selling that doesn’t belong to them. It helps the brands and advertisers to purchase authentic digital media with confidence.

Click Fraud Protection

Click frauds are everywhere, around 40% of internet traffic is non-human which means that your ads are getting clicked on by bots, competitors, and click farms. These types of click frauds destroy your conversion rate and prevent you from getting quality leads. Some of these click bots are designed to commit PPC click fraud that reduces your web traffic and lowers your visibility. WPAdSense helps in protecting your digital ads from the fraud clicks and creates reputation by preventing anyone from clicking the same ads too often.


I hope this article will help you in increasing the revenue from your digital ads. These five ways can help you a lot while in determining the performance of your ads and can increase the revenue from your digital ads.

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