5 Ways To Increase Traffic Through Video Ads

Are you using your videos effectively to market your business?

Videos are great to attract the attention of the users and bring new prospects to establish new customers.

Using different video ads you can engage audiences from the scratches and connect them with your products and services.

In this article, we at WPAdsense will learn the five different ways of using video ads that can boost your traffic.

Increase Sales With Video Ads

Online video advertising is the most effective medium to target the users throughout the web. Video ads offer you the highest click-through rate that promises better results than the normal ads. 70% of ads over the web are only videos. Creating video ads to promote your products and services is the best way to attract the attention of the learners. You can also create short video ads to promote your business on social sites like- Facebook and Instagram. Create video ads and receive tremendous views and responses but be sure to use the most precise to target the audience.

Target Your Visitors With Video Ads

Targeting your website visitor is one of the most powerful tasks every business organization wishes. In order to target your website visitors, videos can play a great role in engaging them by describing them in detail about the product description and their functionalities. Video creates a sense of attraction and engages visitors and converts them into leads. You can also create a custom video ad for your website to target the visitor audience on the front page or on a specific product page.

Product Videos Increase Conversions

Product video plays an important role in converting traffic into leads. Every time when audiences visit your site your product videos can help them in a better understanding of the product overview, its benefits, characteristics, and many more. Featuring short promotional videos on your website converts 65% more audiences into leads and shows better statistics and benefits to your business. Repurposing your product images and inserting cool templates in a video also works in engaging audiences.

How-to Videos Converts Traffic Into Leads

How-to videos are the videos that catch viewers that have prime intention to buy the product. How-to videos solve the problems and various issues of the buyer. If your particular product how-to video is able to solve the problem of the users and meet their needs then it is more likely to convert the user into leads. It is estimated that 1 in 3 users who engage with how-to videos are more likely to purchase your product and services. Don’t try to sell your product in how-to videos, focus on instructing your audiences to build a strong relationship.

Onboard Users With Product Videos

Onboarding users with your product videos build a level of trust and relationship with your users. When you are able to onboard users successfully then they are likely to use your product and services for the long-term. Sending links of product videos to the existing users and sending a welcome email to the new user when they sign-up to your site is an easy process of onboarding users. Product onboarding is a safe process and ensures your users a smooth engagement.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article will help you in increasing traffic for your website. Video ads are ruling the web and over the years it will be in trend. So what are you waiting for!! Start creating video ads for promoting your product and business and increase sales.

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