Pay Per Click: Tips To Generate More Leads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective way to advertise your products or services on the web. 

PPC advertising can be used across major search engines as well as social media platforms.

Today, at WPAdsense we will discuss how pay per click helps in generating more leads.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a type of advertisement. You can place a PPC advertisement on any ad platform or custom website and pay to the host according to the number of times a viewer clicks on your advertisement. Whenever a potential customer searches for a product or services over the web and whenever they click on your PPC ads then you can gather information from your customer on the landing page.

Generates More Leads Through PPC

Pay Per Click is a powerful tool for aligning website traffic into high end-goals. It helps you in achieving your business and marketing goals by tracking the user’s search ability across the various search engines and social media platforms.

PPC campaigns can be set up effectively to achieve your business growth by generating more leads. Now, let’s dive in to see in detail the various tips to generate more leads.

Tracks Audience And Measure Performance

A major benefit of using PPC advertising is that it tracks the audience’s search ability and measures their activity over the web. Set your goals and raise awareness of your brand to increase sales of your product and services. In Google Ads, you can set up tracking parameters in the “Campaign URL options” section under campaign settings to track via URL.

You can easily track and measure the stats that are easily available and show how your campaigns are performing and what kind of traffic is driving toward your product and services. Having a clear goal before beginning your campaign helps you to generate more leads.

Place Relevant Keywords

Keywords play a great role in generating leads for your business. Use the most suited keywords for your PPC ads campaign. You can go through the suggested keywords by the various search engines to choose the most suited keywords according to the users.

Whenever a user searches in any search engine then the exact keyword matching will show the result in the first line. Therefore, placing relevant keywords attract the best quality leads and makes it possible that they will visit your landing page.

Use More Than One Search Engines

To generate more leads from your PPC campaign, one search engine is not enough. You can create your PPC ads on different search engines like- Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. this will increase the number of conversions as well as generate more potential leads who are seeing your ads.

Using more than one search engine for your ad campaigns is a good idea. Audiences will be more attracted to your brand and services when they will see your ads across the various platforms. This will build a level of trust among them.

Build Custom Landing Pages

We all know, a custom landing page can easily convert the traffic into leads. Therefore, you can build custom landing pages to drive traffic from the PPC ad campaign to convert them into leads. It maximizes the conversion rates of your PPC campaigns. 

These landing pages need to be simple, highlighting the importance of your brands, products, and services. Landing pages with simple designs have higher conversion rates as compared to the complex design to get a high ROI.

Test And Edit Your PPC Ads

The success of your PPC ads campaign is influenced by a number of external factors such as user’s needs, market conditions, relevant keywords, and traffic. This can make your ad campaign work to great success.

Over time these factors may change so you have to closely monitor the activity of the users and ads performance. Make edits to your campaign in order to increase its success. That is why PPC is a continuous journey rather than a final destination in continuing the success of lead generation.

How To Improve The Usability Of Your Site

Do you want to improve the usability of your website?

Usability is one of the major overlooked aspects of web designing when a user visits your website.

A higher usability rate of your site can convert traffic into leads and increases your ROI.

Today, WPAdsense will help you in learning how you can improve the usability of your site.

What Is Website Usability?

A great website should contain an easy to use structure so that the users find it easy to use. A responsive design makes your websites more user-friendly and increases the usability of your website. 

Website usability means making your site progressively available for the users to make it easy to use to keep them attracted to coming back for more.

Improve Website Design 

The website design plays a great role in engaging the audiences with your site. Design your website according to the need of your potential customer. Include keywords in your heading and content to target the right audience. This will help you in attracting the audience easily. Use an optimized SEO to improve your searchability in the search engines.

A well-designed website can easily generate leads. A comparative design of each page Improves the usability of your sites. Keeping a predictable design with textual styles and hues can attract your user easily.

Easy Navigation To Improve Usability 

Good navigation can make your website easy to use, read, and find the content. Make the navigation of pages clear and different if your website contains more than two navigation areas. Today’s audiences use mobile devices to browse more so it will be better to use mobile-friendly navigation for your website.

Your navigation should be short and to the point so that it is easy to navigate for the audiences no matter what type of device they use. Choosing a well-known format while designing your website will make your user feel good when going through your site.

Focused Contents and pages

A great way to improve the usability of your website is by keeping your content and each of your web pages focused. While placing contents on your website always give proper space, paragraphs, and display lists using bullet points. Don’t make your content long so that users can lose interest. This will increase the readability of your website.

Make your site pages more focused by placing design elements such as sidebars, banners, and text boxes so that it can keep the audiences engaged throughout the time. Every page of your website should focus on a specific purpose or category. You can use links in your content to redirect them to the other page of your website.

Use Images To Improve The Usability

It is well said that a picture tells a perfect story. Using high quality and relevant images on your site add more value to it. Choose images that are most suited to your website niches so that it can help you in targeting the audiences easily.

Placing images everywhere on the website will not work for you. Always place your main image on the top and you can use a small size on the right side of the page. Placing a background image Improve the usability rate of a website and provides a pleasant look to your content. 

Optimized Page Loading

Optimize your page loading speed to improve the usability of your website. Slow loading of your page means providing interrupting user experience to the visitor of your website. This can make users feel bored and they can simply move to another source. To improve your page loading speed by compressing all your images before placing them on your website.


I hope this article will help you in improving the usability of your website. Applying these tips for your website will definitely revamp your website usability rate. Providing a more user-friendly user experience to the visitors can convert them into leads. 

Optimized Landing Page: Importance And Benefits Of Using It

Do you want to convert traffic into leads?

As we all know, the Landing page of your website is the most valuable asset to attract traffic.

Optimizing the landing page of your website can be the best technique to convert traffic into leads.

Today, WPAdSense will discuss the importance of landing pages and the benefits of using an optimized landing page.

Importance Of Optimized Landing Pages

An optimized landing page is the heart of your website so optimize your landing pages in such a way that it can attract traffic and convert them into leads to increase your sales growth. 

If you are thinking that the landing page and the homepage of your website are the same then you are wrong. A homepage is not designed and optimized to increase sales growth. Most digital marketers are using optimized landing pages to convert traffic into leads.

Being considered as the most valuable asset of your website, a landing page helps you in engaging the audience through its visually appealing appearance. Whenever someone visits your website then it is the landing page that attracts the user’s attention and converts them into leads.

Benefits Of Optimized Landing Pages

Improves Traffic Of Your Ads

Optimized landing pages play an important role in improving the traffic rate of your ads. It improves the quality of your ads and helps you in achieving a higher quality ad ranking. While placing ads for your website, if you have a highly optimized landing page then you can achieve a higher quality score.

A higher-quality score ad attracts the audiences easily and brings huge traffic of audiences to your website. As a result, your ad ranking becomes high and it will appear on the first page of the search engines.

Generates More Leads

An optimized landing page helps in generating more leads as it improves the conversion rate of the audiences. Whenever a user is directed to your site landing page then an optimized landing page influences the user and motivates them to buy the specific product.

Therefore, optimize your landing page in such a way that it can attract user’s attention and keep them engaged for a longer time. This way it helps you in generating more leads.

Increase In Sales Growth

Landing pages are designed and optimized according to the users. These are generally designed in such a way that it can attract the mind of the remote users. To increase your sales growth these landing pages are optimized for pay-per-click.

To try to increase the effectiveness and quality of the landing pages so that it can convert the visitors into leads and increase your sales growth.

Maximum Returns Of Investment

An optimized landing page not only increases the quality of your ads, generates more traffic, increases sales growth but also offers you a better return on your investment. Thus an increase in conversions and sales growth leads to better returns for your investment.

So instead of investing more in the designing of the homepage of your website, invest in optimizing your landing pages, ads and SEO to gain maximum returns of your investment.


I hope this blog has put the insight into determining the importance and the benefits of the optimized landing page for your website. An optimized landing page drives the user’s engagement and provides a better conversion rate. Using an optimized landing page you can easily maximize your ROI.

We at WPAdSense provide you plugins for your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can easily insert ads on your website. It is designed well so that it easily integrates with your WordPress site and helps you in placing ads in almost every section of the website.

How Responsive Ads Are Ruling The Advertisement World

Do you want to create ads that can meet modern demand?

Whether your ad is optimized to display on devices of varying size?

A responsive ads format plugin optimizes your ads to be displayed on devices of various sizes.

In this blog post, we will learn about the responsive ads and its various formats that can help you in ruling the advertising world.

What Is Responsive Ad?

As we all know a responsive web design plays an important role in your website. Whenever we design our website we keep in mind that it should automatically optimize and fit for the different sized devices. Just like that each ad is resized itself along with the text and pictures to optimize the display of the devices and matches with the layout and elements on the page responds to the display size of the device.

Responsive Ads Formats

Slide-In Ads

Slide-in ad formats are used to place ads in any four corners of the screen. These are known as “pop-up” ads. You can adjust the motion of the slide-in Ads so that the users can give attention to your ads. gets the user’s attention. Basically, these ads are placed at the downright and down left side of the screen. Your ads look great when they slide on the screen of mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Dialog Ads

Dialog ads are the updated version of the slide-in ads. They are more stylish and responsive than the slide-in ads formats. These appear on the page of browsers and become a must seen ads that can create brand awareness among the users and help you in converting them into leads. Dialogue ads formats are designed in such a way that it perfectly fits on the screen of all types of devices and provides you high rates of conversion.

HTML 5 Ads

HTML5 ads format includes responsive design techniques in your ads to make your ad resize to look great on any screen size. It includes an index.html file and CSS, JavaScript and image files. You can also upload a zipped file that includes HTML5 source code to place your ads. These ad formats offer flexibility while designing ads that fit great on any size of the screen. 

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ad formats are similar to dialog ads. It is displayed before the page content is displayed. Whenever you browse on the internet and suddenly a full windows ads display is interstitial ad. Similar to that you can also design your ads to be placed on the full page of the screen. Interstitial ads are very responsive as it contains title, image, text cover, and buttons that fit perfectly on any size screen.

Bar Ads

Bar ads are responsive ad formats that can be placed across the top or bottom of a page. Its modern design allows you to target the audience easily. Bar ads are specially designed for mobile devices as it attracts more audience when displayed on the full screen of the devices.


I hope this blog will help you in determining the values of responsive ads. Responsive ads are the future and can take your advertising to the next level. WPAdsense provides you a platform for your ads. Our plugin integrates easily and matches with the responsive design of the browser. WPAdsense is designed with a new suite of responsive ad formats.

Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Are you struggling hard to increase traffic for your website?

Determining the right techniques that work for your website can bring traffic.

Various strategies and efforts are required in order to increase traffic to your website.

Today at WPAdsense, we will discuss some of the important parameters that can help in increasing traffic to your website. 

Optimized SEO

When someone searches for anything on google or any other search engine then people visit the first page or second pages of the result. If your website is not appearing on the first and second pages then it will be difficult to get traffic as it will not be noticed by the visitors.

To make your websites appearing on the first and second pages of the result page an optimized SEO is necessary. SEO enhances the visibility and ranking of your website. Therefore SEO makes your website more valuable and brings increase traffic to your website.

Paid Google Ads 

Advertisement through Google ads is the best method to increase traffic to your website. Whenever a user searches, your Ad will appear on the top of the result page. Google ads display your product and brand images on the search engine result pages.

Paid Google ads increase the ranking of your website. A higher ranking of your website means more chances of getting traffic. Google only charges money when a user clicks and successfully visits your website.

Guest Blogging

Blogging as a guest on the other’s websites drives people’s attention and keeps them engaged throughout the content. Guest blogging on different sites adds value while marketing to your website. This way people become more familiar with your website and know your product and services.

Finding out the similar websites of your expertise and niche for guest blogging can greatly increase traffic to your website. Add relevant links to the blogs so that the people directly visit your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and powerful method of increasing traffic to your website. You can make a personalized advertisement of your products and brands to drive their attention through the email. These kinds for marketing approaches put a good impact on the audience and influence them to visit your website.

If you are launching a new product in the market then you can send a personalized email to your registered customers to promote your product. Thus email marketing never lets you down in bringing traffic to your site.   

Landing Pages

Placing landing pages through the advertisement is used to drive traffic to the website. A well designed and optimized landing page attracts the attention of the users. Whenever a user clicks on the landing pages it drives them to the website. 

An eye-catching and compelling landing page not only attracts the audience but also converts them into the leads. Thus create a landing page that can fulfill the expectation of the visitors so that they can be eager to visit your website.


Implementing techniques and strategies that work for your website in bringing traffic is important. I hope the above-discussed strategies will help you in gaining huge traffic to your website. Make use of two or more strategies to bring traffic to your site. We at WPAdsense help you to increase traffic to your site.

Choose The Right Advertising Platforms To Grow your Business

Do you want to reach your target audience? 

Choosing the right advertising platforms for your business can have a significant impact on its early growth and success.

We at WPAdsense will learn how to choose the right ad platform that can help you in your business growth.

Choose The Right Advertising Platforms  

Choosing the right advertising platform will always help in the early growth of your business. It requires a lot of prior research and efforts while selecting the right platform for your advertising platforms.

In today’s digital era the attention of your target audience can change from one platform to another. This is because they can easily switch between the various platforms. 

Here we will discuss the major ads platform that can help in your business growth.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the paid listings that display your paid ads with the icon on the top of searching results to the users. Almost every user uses the Google search engine to search for a product or brand. If you are looking to grow your search network then you just require creative writing.

To advertise your product and services, you require video ads, pictures, and design work to promote your ads. Google Ads landing pages increase the conversion rate of the users into the leads. That’s why Google Ads provides you maximum ROI to your advertising platforms.

Facebook Ads

As we all know that Facebook is the king of social networking sites. It also provides you a platform to advertise and market your products and brand through advertising platfroms. You can place your ads in the news feed, stories, marketplace and in the messenger.

Facebook is being widely used by people of almost every age. You can easily advertise your product by building a brand reputation among the audiences. Thus Facebook can be the ideal platform to generate leads in less amount of money.

Email Advertisements

Advertising platforms through Email is the most common form of marketing even in the age of social media. It has the potential to reach an unlimited number of people at once. It is best when you have a brand reputation and you have launched a new product.

With the help of email marketing, you can target your desired audience very easily. Sending a personalized message to the audience will help in targeting them and can generate leads.

Website Advertisements

If you are targeting WordPress sites to advertise your brand and products then this can be a good idea to target the audiences. You have to just edit the WordPress theme files to insert Ads code into your website. You can adjust the Ads at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the website.

Many themes don’t provide you with dedicated spots or space to display your this situation you can use WPAdsense plugin with your theme to adjust or place your advertising platforms. This will help you in optimizing your Ads and will generate maximum ROI.


I hope this article will help you in choosing the right platform for your advertisement. You can use one or all the platforms to showcase your advertisement. This will help in generating awareness among the audiences for your product as well as your brand.

How To Create A Good Video Ads

Video ads have created a revolution in the field of advertising. 

A good advertisement can capture attention and promote the action of the audience.

Many online Ad creators are using videos in more unique and creative ways to create ads.

At WPAdsense, we will learn how to create powerful and successful video ads to attract more audiences.

Define Your Goals

Today’s people are more attracted toward video ads. There is an endless reason whenever an advertisement is created. Create an idea, make plans, evaluate the type of audience you are targeting before creating a video advertisement. To keep the audiences motivated through your ads you have to set the desired goal for your ads.

Defining set goals before creating video ads helps you in designing audience-oriented ads. Once you have completed your ads then the defined goals will help you in meeting the desired outcomes.

Start With Strong Message

After setting up the desired goal for your video ads, now it’s time to start creating your video ads. You have to put strong content at the starting of your ad to attract the attention of the audiences. The first 5-seconds of your video ads should contain a strong message that can attract and engage your audience.

We see the various video ads on different platforms and the rules are the same for every ad i.e. they contain a strong message or content that attracts the audiences. So a strong message can play an important role while creating your video ads.

Add Values To Your Content

While creating your ads, try to add some valuable meaning so that the audience is more attracted towards your products and services. Add values that are emotional, funny, and compelling to keep your viewer engaged throughout the video.

If you want your audiences to watch your video ads without skipping then you have to keep it short and informative. Adding values at each and every turn will help you in creating good video ads. 

Add Some Characters

The main reason for the success of today’s generation video ad is the involvement of celebrities, popular faces, comic characters, motivational speakers, etc. Many audiences engage with an ad because it contains their favorite superstar, comic characters, etc.  

Adding some special character and popular faces in your ads can help you in building your brand reputation. People generally want to buy a product and services that contain some valuable person as it creates a brand reputation in the mind of the people.

Finish With A Strong Action

Finishing your video ad with a strong action helps you in delivering a successful ad. When audiences enjoy watching your ads then it can boost your sales growth as well as your brand reputation. So it’s become important for you to finish your ads with a strong action at the end of the video.


Delivering a good video ad will require the above-discussed parameters. A good video ad can engage your audience throughout the ad. It can help you in establishing your brand reputation and increase sales growth.

We at WPAdsense provide you a platform to showcase your ads on the websites. Integrating our plugins in your site, you can easily manage your ads with the help of Adsense.

How To Get Maximum ROI From Your Digital Ads

Do you want to increase your business through digital Ads?

Digital Ads are the quickest way to increase traffic and revenue of your website or businesses.

To get maximum returns from digital ads, you have to optimize your ads as well as the website. 

In this article, we will discuss the various aspects to get maximum ROI from your digital ads.

Create Separate Ad For Each Platform

Every platform has its own rule to create ads. You have to create a separate ad for each of the platforms to gain maximum traffic. To meet the guidelines of the website you can create ads by adding more designs, texts, adjusting the image dimensions, size, etc. of your ads.

To attract more traffic to your site, you should create an ad that should match the landing page. Adjust the content, style of the font, color scheme, layout, etc. of your ads concerning the landing page. This will improve the engagement and conversion rate.

Use Landing Pages

Beside Ads, your website design matters a lot and can convert the audiences into the leads. Your website design and landing page should be easy to navigate and user-friendly so that the user doesn’t find it difficult to select and purchase a particular product.

Avoid linking your website homepage with the Ads you have placed on the different platforms. Users find it difficult to search and purchase a particular product from the website homepage. So to gain maximum returns from your Ads, placing landing pages generates more revenue.

Prevent Your Ads From Fraud Click 

It is very important to keep an eye on the hackers and unwanted threads as they use bots to generate clicks to the different landing pages. To protect your digital Ads, you have to monitor your Ads to keep away proxy servers, bad hosts, and blacklisted IPs.

You can use various software to protect your ads from the fraud click. This software can hide your Ads whenever a bot is detected and prevent them from clicking again.

Experiment Different Types Of Ads

Experiment with different types of Ads in order to improve your Ads performance. This will help you in determining whether your ROI increases or decreases and which type of Ads are bringing more traffic to your site.

You can place different types of Ads by offering different discounts, freebies, offers, additional membership, etc. to attract the traffic of the audience.

Build A Sales Funnel

You can build a sales funnel for your business to gain maximum revenue from your product and services. A sales funnel means you can build a page so that people can sign up to your site for a free offer like a helpful eBook, video, white paper, case study, etc.

Sales funnel builds trust instead of forcing users to purchase your product and services. Offering free perks along with your products and services attracts more users and keeps them motivated to purchase your product.

Conclusion Of Digital Ads

Now, you can generate maximum revenue from your ads using these methods. Always remember that your landing page will generate revenue on your investment. keeping a balance between your Ads and landing page will help you in growing your business.

WPAdsense: How To Manage Your Ads In WordPress

Are you looking for an Ad management plugin for the WordPress website? 

Many WordPress website owners depend on the various Ads to monetize their websites.

Content in your WordPress site is one of the most important aspects of the search engine algorithm and is increasing its demand.

With this increasing demand, WPAdsense is the best in class to manage all your aspects of the ads on a WordPress website.

In this blog, we will learn about the WPAdsense and how it can easily manage your Ads in the WordPress website.

What Is WPAdsense? 

WPAdsense is a new type of WordPress Ad manager as it focuses on providing all the necessary tools and functionality to manage your ads on the WordPress website. It makes your advertising quick, easy, and profitable. 

WPAdsense is an easy-to-use Ad manager that has intuitive features and functions like- tracking ads, traffics, and conversions, etc. to control the Ads for the website owners. It also helps in providing the whole reports and records of the Ads to the advertiser.

Why Use WPAdsense For Your Ads

As we already know that WordPress does not come with an easy mechanism to manage your ads. Besides this, many website owners and bloggers depend heavily on the advertisements to collect revenue online with their content. 

Most of the WordPress themes don’t provide you with dedicated spots or space to display your ads. This means that you often have to edit your WordPress theme files to insert Ads code into your website.

WPAdsense WordPress ad management plugin allows you to easily insert ads anywhere on your website. This will help you in optimizing your Ad placement and will make the most out of your advertising.

Using WPAdsense, you can place the Ads at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the paragraph/content and provides you better control in customization for showing ads on websites.

Manage Your Ads In WordPress

  • When you have successfully installed the plugin in the WordPress website then you have to activate the plugin.
  • After successful activation, you have to go to the advertisement section and then click on the “Add New” to create your Ad.
  • This will bring you to a new page of the admin area where you can provide the title of your Ad.
  • After that, you can paste the Ad code generated by the advertising network. You can also generate the Ad code if you are hosting Ads.
  • You can put banner images to enable click tracking and then select the activate option to make your Ads available on the site.
  • You can repeat these steps to create as many Ads you want to display on your WordPress site.


I hope that this article can help you in managing your Ads in the WordPress site. WPAdsense provides you a platform to use it as an ad management plugin for ease in inserting ads anywhere on your website. It helps you in properly managing your different ad sizes and their placement in your site. This way WPAdsense helps you in minimizing the chances of messing up and unexpected errors while advertising in the WordPress site.